Passport & Visa

Gravesend Travel and Tourism Ltd

If you don't have a valid passport, visa or entry permit, you may be refused travel, either by us or by the airline. Please be aware that if this happens, we are unable to assist you in any way. Be sure to double-check that you've remembered these documents.

Passport and visa requirements for British Citizens

Adult British citizen and Irish citizen must have valid passport having expiry of 6 months after completion of any journey.

Children and infants should also have their passport .

If you are adult and haven't got your passport then you can not travel until you apply for it before 6 weeks of your holiday ,your identity should be confirm by UK passport service .

Before travelling to your destination be aware of visa requirement of there. check the latest requirement regarding visa policy of your destination.

Citizens of other countries must be aware of entry requirements with respective embassy or higher commission.

Non-British citizen visa requirements

If you are non-British citizen, consult the embassy of your destination country and the Home Office Immigration Department you may require special documentation, either for your destination country or for your return to the UK.

Non-British citizens include citizens of British Dependent Territories, those who hold their citizenship by virtue of connection with Gibraltar, British subjects who have a right to live in the United Kingdom, and EC and other nationals.

Children and passports

From 05 October 1998, children under 16 have been required to travel on their own passport. If your child is already included on your passport, he or she is not affected by this change and can continue to travel on your passport until it expires or until they reach the age of 16. However, please be aware that some countries, such as Bulgaria, may refuse entry to any children without their own child passports. If a new document is required during the validity of your existing passport, any child who is included on it will need to apply for a separate passport. Passport application can be a lengthy process, so we recommend that you plan ahead and keep your holiday dates in mind.

Passport requirement for children

  • Children under 16 have to travel on their own passport.
  • Some countries, such as Bulgaria, may refuse entry to any children without their own passports.
  • We recommended you to be aware of any latest update regarding children visa policy of your travelling destination.

Other documentation

A letter of Parental Consent is required by US immigration if you are taking a child who is not a member of your family into America.

Lost or stolen passports

If your passport is lost or stolen then immediately report to the police and the UK Passport Service (UKPS). Abroad: Report your lost or stolen passport immediately to the local police, the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) Consulate, Embassy or High Commission. You can find the details of your local FCO by calling 0870 606 0290 prior to departure, or by visiting

USA and ESTA Visas

If you are eligible of Visa Waiver program then you can travel visa free but you should have alternate travelling document otherwise you cannot travel. You can apply for visa waiver through the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA). Please visit to complete or track your ESTA application

Australian Visas

Australian citizens and New Zealand citizens do not require visa for entry in Australia. Where as The Australian Government has simplified the procedure for getting visa approval for Non-Australian and Non-New Zealand citizens by developing the Electronic Travel Authority System (ETAS). Application forms are not required for an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) and, being electronic, there is no physical evidence of an ETA. An ETA can only be verified electronically.
Note : Working Holiday Visas or Work Permits cannot be issued by this process.

Supplying passport details for flights to the USA

For security reasons the US Transport Security Administration (TSA) requires that airlines provide certain passenger data, by electronic means, to TSA by 72 hours prior to departure. This is known as US Secure Flight. The information required are:

  • Full name (as in passport)
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Redress* number (if held). We will provide all this information to the airline

*A redress number is a unique number for a regular traveller who has applied for redress under the US TRIP programme. This would apply where the traveller is regularly selected for additional screening when matched against the US watch list.